Our experts possess extensive experience in the development of quality systems that ensure customer satisfaction. The key to improving customer satisfaction is to implement a system that measures and tracks the performance of key customer touch points, such as quality, on-time delivery and billing errors. The system also monitors potential opportunities to help customers, including comparisons between order quantities, shipped quantities and lead times.

This data can be used to reduce costs both internally and for the customer. These opportunity indicators provide your sales force with powerful information that can be used to match order sizes with truckload quantities, match order sizes with efficient production runs and quote reasonable delivery dates based on raw material availability. This type of information tracking allows companies to run more efficiently and build long-term partnerships with their customers.

Brooks International approaches this opportunity by understanding the customer touch points that are meaningful in the industry, creating customer scorecards to track performance and developing internal processes that identify the reasons for variance to targets. This continuous improvement process is the backbone for any management system and ensures that Management, Sales and Customer Service are equipped with the right information when interfacing with customers.

Biochemical producer enhances supply chain, improves customer satisfaction and reduces distribution costs

Consolidation of 25 distribution centers into 10 38% reduction in distribution costs Strategic Intent Correct near-crisis level customer satisfaction issues and...

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Chemical producer corrects behavioral and systemic issues to increase throughput

Downtime reduction fuels 31% gain in throughput and capacity. 12% in variable costs Strategic Intent Improve the overall utilization of plant assets and resourc...

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Operations and call center improves customer service while dramatically reducing costs

Strategic Intent To control costs while maintaining excellent service and transforming the organization into a viable service provider to third-party customers ...

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Business services provider improves sales process, grows customer base and enhances EBITDA

Sales training coupled with clearly defined goals increases productivity. Year-on-year new customer sales increase 39%. Strategic Intent Help client attain goal...

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Insurer launches new call center, improves customer service and lowers costs

Speed of answer improves 48% and call abandonment decreases 57%. Average handle time is reduced 27%. Strategic Intent Improve service to customers and healthcar...

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Mortgage bank reorganizes to achieve growth and profit goals

Productivity and unit labor costs improve 19%. New profit contributions exceed project goal by 25%. Strategic Intent Redesign and streamline management and busi...

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Property and casualty insurer profits from reduced labor costs and improved customer service

20% reduction in elapsed time to process claims Customer care service levels improve 33%. Strategic Intent Capitalize on healthy growth potential, increase prof...

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Industrial chemical producer reacts to margin pressure by reducing cost, improving quality and increasing throughput

Quality levels improve 17%. Profit contributions exceed target by 114%. Strategic Intent To reverse trend of escalating costs and significant EBITA erosion, new...

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Aerospace supplier gets major government contract back on track

45% Increase in Earned Value Creation Lowered Costs by Tens of Millions Strategic Intent To effectively deliver customer contract requirements on time, and deve...

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