Customer satisfaction is a measure of how a company’s offerings meet or exceed customer expectations. It’s driven by the quality of products or services, the meeting of delivery expectations and user-friendliness of business practices. These touch points contribute to customer satisfaction, and businesses should strive to make the order-to-invoicing process seamless. Within organizations, customer satisfaction ratings can have powerful effects. They focus employees on the importance of fulfilling customer expectations. When these ratings dip, they indicate problems that can affect sales and profitability. Needless to say, it’s essential for businesses to monitor and manage customer satisfaction.

Brooks International professionals possess extensive experience in the development of quality systems that ensure customer satisfaction. The key to improving customer satisfaction is to implement a system that measures and tracks the performance of key customer touch points – such as quality, on-time delivery and billing errors. The system also monitors potential opportunities to help customers, such as comparisons between order quantities, shipped quantities and lead times. This data can be used to reduce costs both internally and for the customer. These opportunity indicators provide your sales force with powerful information that can be used to match order sizes with truckload quantities, match order sizes with efficient production runs, and quote reasonable delivery dates based on raw material availability. This type of information tracking allows companies to run more efficiently and build long-term partnerships with their customers.

We approach this opportunity by understanding the customer touch points that are meaningful in the industry, creating customer scorecards to track performance, and developing internal processes that identify the reasons for variance to targets. This continuous improvement process is the backbone for any management system and ensures that management, sales and customer service are equipped with the right information when interfacing with customers.

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