Quality levels improve 17%.
Profit contributions exceed target by 114%.

Strategic Intent

To reverse trend of escalating costs and significant EBITA erosion, new CEO’s goal is to transform the company’s reactive, unresponsive culture into a more results-oriented organization that seeks to continuously improve.


  • $240 million U.S. subsidiary of a multi-billion-dollar European industrial chemical manufacturer
  • Produces titanium dioxide for paint, paper, plastic and rubber industries
  • Mature market is plagued by severe price erosion, a slowing economy and excess capacity
  • CEO exasperated by lack of sustainable improvement after recent large investment in quality-based initiative
  • Inherited strongly autocratic organizational culture

Issues and Barriers

  • Low executive consensus on goals and direction
  • Conflicting quality versus quantity priorities
  • Poor cooperation and communication between departments
  • Quality management process not implemented after five years and over $2 million
  • Ineffective, reactive plant and machine maintenance
  • Workforce lacks motivation and desire to improve
  • Executive compensation plan has real and perceived inequities

Key Implementations

  • Organization-wide alignment of goals and priorities
  • All key business processes are fully upgraded
  • Development of total-quality-based behaviors
  • Resources are redeployed to reflect new process controls
  • Reward and recognition practices are redesigned to link with new quality, productivity and throughput goals


Profit contributions exceed target by 114%

  • Maintenance costs reduced 30%
  • Quality levels improve 17%
  • Reduce scrap and waste by 50%
  • Reduce workforce by 20%, by shortening cycle times
  • Streamline management organization, reducing levels 25%
  • Dramatically improve overall asset reliability
  • Reverse years of poor hiring and training practices

Client Perspective

Our people not only participated in the change process, they own it! Our problem-solving process has been decentralized and freed from the bureaucracy that made it ineffective. Brooks has done a superb job of helping us define and establish our new environment.
— President & CEO

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