Profitability and quality are inseparably linked. Together, they are envisioned, planned, designed, engineered, agreed upon, aligned and executed with accountability. To achieve quality and profitability, an entire organization must work together toward aligned goals. Quality management effectiveness is about placing the right people in the right positions of influence – at the right time, with the right equipment, tools, materials, expectations, capabilities and motivation.

Quality is an integral part of every team and business function. We subscribe to the “and” factor – meaning that we can improve cost and improve quality; we can improve timeliness and improve quality. The goal is to ensure that the quality gains realized through process and performance enhancements improve outcomes and sustainable practices.

Right-Sizing Quality Efforts
Incumbent upon all Brooks International engagements is our responsibility to provide an accurate picture of the true cost of poor quality (COPQ) – including scrap, rework, expediting fees, change notifications, late order meetings, administration and communication. These costs must be reflected in COPQ or the organization risks under-funding efforts to reduce such cost. Investments in quality improvement are similar to other investments. Oftentimes, initial efforts are very profitable, with subsequent efforts moving closer to break-even.

Our role is to work with your management team, on a day-to-day basis, to ensure they understand and communicate that quality is everyone’s responsibility. We provide the tools, controls, authorities, escalation protocols and training to enable management to effectively share that responsibility.

Our approach to quality is holistic and inclusive of proven methods utilized by Lean Six Sigma and other similar programs. We deliver to your organization a genuine, working relationship between quality and profitability – taking into consideration the real-world factors at play. With proper implementation, your management team becomes more capable, owning sustainable practices and increased capacity to understand and rapidly adapt to internal and external quality factors.

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