The manufacturing sector faces challenges regarding appropriate responses to increases in raw material and supply-chain costs – while keeping pace with competitive demands for quality, price and delivery. Battling for global market share, manufacturers must adapt to new market dynamics by implementing a strong market strategy, aligned with consistent and efficient production processes.

Engaging in all spectrums of the industry – from high-cap Fortune 100s to start-ups and spin-offs of private equity holdings – Brooks International consistently delivers on projects that maximize revenue and optimize performance across this sector. Our experience includes successful engagements impacting manufacturing in the fields of automotive, aerospace, chemicals and heavy equipment, among others. Outcomes include contributing to our clients’ doubling and tripling EBITDA, while implementing sustainable changes.

Pipe-producing client implements Lean Manufacturing and enhances EBITA

Casting cycle times improve 20% Core room productivity increases 25% Strategic Intent Continue the quest for operating margin optimization and low-cost-producer...

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Computer manufacturer reduces factory cost, while improving customer and employee satisfaction

Factory conversion costs reduced by 40% 50% increase in total factory output Strategic Intent Significantly reduce factory conversion costs to grow volume and i...

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Biochemical producer enhances supply chain, improves customer satisfaction and reduces distribution costs

Consolidation of 25 distribution centers into 10 38% reduction in distribution costs Strategic Intent Correct near-crisis level customer satisfaction issues and...

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Chemical producer corrects behavioral and systemic issues to increase throughput

Downtime reduction fuels 31% gain in throughput and capacity. 12% in variable costs Strategic Intent Improve the overall utilization of plant assets and resourc...

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Furniture manufacturer embraces successful business model transformation

16% reduction in overall operating expenses Increases operational productivity 15-30% Strategic Intent Drive future growth and profitability – our client&...

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Industrial chemical producer reacts to margin pressure by reducing cost, improving quality and increasing throughput

Quality levels improve 17%. Profit contributions exceed target by 114%. Strategic Intent To reverse trend of escalating costs and significant EBITA erosion, new...

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Specialty chemicals company cuts costs and improves competitiveness

28% reduction of non-productive staffing Over 20% reduction in overtime Strategic Intent Improve competitive position of a primary division in the face of incre...

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Pipe manufacturer lowers unit production costs and saves endangered plant

30% increase in maintenance productivity Equipment downtime reduced 18% Strategic Intent Rapidly improve equipment utilization and operating consistency – and...

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