Best practices for organizational design focus on the integration of people, processes, information and technology. Done right, design is aligned with the ultimate goals of the organization. It’s easy to spot organizational design gone awry, as such organizations often devolve into an entity that fails to link functions, structures, systems and processes with the desired outcomes of management. Such a lack of alignment and integration limits organizational performance, reduces profitability, and decreases customer service and satisfaction, resulting in increased quality control issues and employee dissatisfaction.

The basis for an organization’s design needs to be more than division by market, product, geography, function, span of control and centralization or decentralization. Our guiding principle for organizational design is alignment to the overall mission and objective of the organization. By organizing around the mission, the technical structure of the organization is shaped, and more importantly, systems and managerial processes are integrated. With a healthy organizational design in place, the company achieves desired results consistently and on time – contributing to profitability and a high level of customer satisfaction.

Brooks International helps companies connect employees to one another, while empowering them with the information, technology, processes and motivation for success. Organizational structure defines the formal relationships between employees and their roles, responsibilities, authorities and decision protocols to support the organization’s purpose and delivery of desired outcomes.

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