Operating models help organizations define how they do business. Our belief is that well-run organizations align and optimize three critical elements: Expectations, Capabilities and Motivators (E-C-M).

Organizations that fail to define, align and manage E-C-M miss opportunities to maximize performance and profitability. For this reason, designing and implementing new operating models is central to the powerful transformative processes and systems that Brooks International has been implementing for clients over the past half-century.

Client engagements begin with an Assessment of the organization’s current-state operating model within the framework of E-C-M. As operating models evolve over time – in response to changes in customer requirements, market conditions, technology, workforce needs and the competitive landscape – performance optimization typically degrades and limits profitability.

Based on the client’s strategic imperatives, the current operating model is evaluated against an operating model better suited for addressing the strategic intent. Identifying, defining and measuring the gaps within each of the three critical elements, between the current and desired future models, we attain clarity for developing a BluePrint for change. This BluePrint is our tactical plan for execution. In partnership with our client, we use it to implement and produce measurable, tangible performance enhancements and profitability. Through the implementation, expectations are aligned, capabilities are optimized and motivators are linked to performance outcomes, including a development of a new culture that fosters sustainable improvement.

New operating models deliver dependable, step-change improvements in performance and profitability.

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