Organizations see their strategic initiatives fail when a good strategy lacks successful execution. Failing to change and align people’s behaviors with the goals and mission of a new strategy quickly dilutes opportunities for achievement and inhibits progress toward desired outcomes. The strength of resistance to change among employees is one of the most often underestimated barriers to success. Changing behavior requires creating an environment where staff members learn new behaviors in the same tactile way they learned their old behaviors. Organizations are not staffed with programmable robots but with people who need clear direction, leadership and a motivational environment.

Through the application of our E-C-M (Expectations – Capabilities – Motivators) methodology, changes to behaviors and culture drive sustainable and continuous improvement. Working with organization leaders, Brooks International defines and communicates a clear direction and mission for the organization. We ensure that specific and measurable goals and targets aligned to the mission are developed and agreed upon throughout the organization. We work with clients to see that roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and communicated to ensure alignment and focus on the mission. Balanced scorecards and dashboards are implemented so everyone “knows the score” and can see their success.

Creating a performance-based culture is a key element of all Brooks International engagements. Constructive changes in culture and behaviors lead to the long-term sustainability of improved results in client profitability, customer satisfaction, quality outcomes and employee satisfaction.

Pipe-producing client implements Lean Manufacturing and enhances EBITA

Casting cycle times improve 20% Core room productivity increases 25% Strategic Intent Continue the quest for operating margin optimization and low-cost-producer...

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Computer manufacturer reduces factory cost, while improving customer and employee satisfaction

Factory conversion costs reduced by 40% 50% increase in total factory output Strategic Intent Significantly reduce factory conversion costs to grow volume and i...

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Chemical producer corrects behavioral and systemic issues to increase throughput

Downtime reduction fuels 31% gain in throughput and capacity. 12% in variable costs Strategic Intent Improve the overall utilization of plant assets and resourc...

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Operations and call center improves customer service while dramatically reducing costs

Strategic Intent To control costs while maintaining excellent service and transforming the organization into a viable service provider to third-party customers ...

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Hospital reduces costs, improves patient care and staff productivity

15% reduction in payroll costs Department productivity improves 30%. Strategy Implement a goal-driven management process that fuels continuous performance impro...

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Training and incentive plan drives market share growth for auto parts supplier

New car accessory sales grow 60%, exceed client goal of 30%. Targeted vehicle lines increase by more than 80%. Strategic Intent Grow market share of the automot...

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Furniture manufacturer embraces successful business model transformation

16% reduction in overall operating expenses Increases operational productivity 15-30% Strategic Intent Drive future growth and profitability – our client&...

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Specialty chemicals company cuts costs and improves competitiveness

28% reduction of non-productive staffing Over 20% reduction in overtime Strategic Intent Improve competitive position of a primary division in the face of incre...

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Aerospace supplier shores up failing facility and more than doubles operating income in year one of three-year plan

Strategic Intent To create an organization with consistent and reliable processes, management behaviors and decision-making that accelerates operating income to...

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Pipe manufacturer lowers unit production costs and saves endangered plant

30% increase in maintenance productivity Equipment downtime reduced 18% Strategic Intent Rapidly improve equipment utilization and operating consistency – and...

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