The No. 1 objective of ALL Brooks International initiatives is to significantly improve our client’s competitiveness and profitability. See what our clients have to say and read more testimonials in our case studies.

Besides the substantial financial and customer service improvements that we’ve realized, the level of employee enthusiasm and involvement has improved dramatically.

This was our first experience with a consulting firm. It has been a most pleasurable, successful and profitable one.

The discipline which Brooks brought to the new automation start-up saved us from delays and work flow problems. This is the smoothest conversion I’ve ever experienced.

The education was fantastic – we now have a common language – people are talking about lead times, cycle times, safety stocks, etc. We now have confidence in making changes that we did not before.

I wish I had a dozen more managers like the Brooks’ consultants. They achieved in months what I could not in a year and a half.

Seeing the changes and development of people at our company is like leaving a young child and returning to see a growing, learning adult.

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