Call center operations are rich with opportunities for turning data into business intelligence, identifying performance inconsistencies and delivering positive examples of brand customer experiences. Brooks International has more than five decades of experience helping some of the world’s most impressive organizations enhance call center effectiveness and gain significant competitive advantages.

With our assistance, clients have mined call center data to identify fundamental issues in need of improvement. These issues include: variability in call representative performance, capacity imbalances, excessive queuing time, significant percentage of dropped calls, low sales conversion rates, executive and department misalignment, outdated incentives and training needs.

Properly addressing the issues that exist, organizations are able to capitalize on aligning expectations, enhancing individual and organizational capabilities and linking rewards to desired behaviors. By proactively implementing transformative processes, dramatic improvements in call center effectiveness, both inbound and outbound, are easily within reach. Quantifiable gains are measured using KPIs to balance service, quality and productivity.

Our Opportunity Assessment identifies specific performance needs requiring attention. In the subsequent Implementation, some or all of the following techniques may be employed to drive call center effectiveness:

  • Alignment and translation of goals (throughout the department or organization)
  • Clarification of roles
  • Creation of expert models and best practices
  • Synchronization of agent availability with call demand
  • Balanced focus on sales activity and results for outbound sales environments
  • Development of skill-based performance standards
  • Balanced scorecard design and installation
  • Forecast and schedule process improvement
  • Managerial and supervisory training
  • Implementation of a systematic continuous improvement culture

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