Sales training coupled with clearly defined goals increases productivity.
Year-on-year new customer sales increase 39%.

Strategic Intent

Help client attain goal of increasing profitability by growing sales revenue with a reorganized, market-driven sales organization


  • Canadian division of international human resources provider
  • Provides payroll, recruiting, employee counseling and outsourcing services to businesses of all sizes
  • Rated as one of Canada’s “Top 50 Employers”
  • Steady annual profits offset by modest customer growth
  • Strong customer base not growing with new acquisitions
  • New service products not meeting projected sales results

Issues and Barriers

  • Young ambitious sales reps have weak sales skills
  • Reps spending too much time on administrative tasks, paperwork and departmental activities
  • Sales goals poorly defined and not understood by reps
  • No formalized sales training programs exist
  • Managers are poor at developing reps’ sales skills
  • Weak reporting system inhibits effective performance evaluation

Key Implementations

  • New sales processes with clear accountabilities
  • Establish clearly defined performance metrics and targets
  • Streamline administrative processes to reduce reps’ non-selling time
  • Develop and launch sales effectiveness training program
  • Install systematic, sustainable improvement process


39% Immediate Increase in New Customer Sales


The company’s sales performance improves and the division is now on target to exceed its short-term EBITDA goals.

  • Overall sales productivity increases 20-30%
  • Year-on-year new customer sales increase by 39%

Client Perspective

The new operating model has clarified roles, goals and operating procedures resulting in higher accountability. The emphasis on training and coaching provides the support our people need to meet their commitments.
— Director of Sales

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