Always on the leading edge of any economic cycle, the transportation and warehousing industry faces new challenges associated with controlling expenses, increasing market share and revenue growth – while satisfying customer expectations. Changing port strategies of the import/export market, the dynamics of fluctuating fuel prices, external forces of government regulation and long capital lead times constantly drive this industry sector for improved performance. In addition, right-sizing the work force to meet changing customer requirements and volumes continues to be a challenge in any season or financial cycle.

With these challenges in mind, Brooks International focuses on increasing revenue and income, while optimizing performance to ensure maximum profitability. Our engagements have produced significant improvement in locomotive, freight car, container, barge, ocean freight and facility utilization. Additionally, our marketing and sales-related projects have boosted margin and market share, and engagements in the broader range of organizational effectiveness and high output have produced a reduction in the cost of sales along with improved cycle and delivery times.

Major North American railroad captures new revenues and profits through improved resource utilization

10% decrease in service interruption hours Total hours trains held reduced 9.7% Strategic Intent Increase ROI by effectively absorbing increased customer volume...

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Measurement and management processes help major freight railroad significantly increase revenue

Grain Operations division schedules locomotives with greater accuracy. Performance of 72-hour trains improves 46%. Strategic Intent Grow revenue and improve ROI...

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Major railroad improves post-merger culture, enhances service and increases market share

On-time train performance improves 87%. Shareholder values gain $56 million. Strategic Intent Enhance market share through increased service levels by improving...

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Shipping company reorganizes to support global strategy initiatives

Visionary CEO realizes double-digit rate of revenue growth. 25% reduction in port costs and 16% decrease in worldwide headcount Strategic Intent Restructure a h...

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