In most industrial countries, the aerospace industry is a cooperation of public and private industries. For example, several countries have a civilian space program funded by the government through tax collection, such as NASA in the United States, ESA in Europe and the Canadian Space Agency in Canada. Along with these public space programs, many companies produce technical tools and components, such as satellites and aircraft structures and systems. Many of our clients are involved in the construction of aircraft and highly engineered critical components, systems and structures, as well as customized technology solutions for industrial end markets in energy infrastructure, electronics and transportation for the aerospace, aviation and defense sectors.

Brooks International brings a depth of experience serving a variety of leading global aerospace and aviation manufacturers and suppliers by implementing transformations directly related to their bottom line. Our engagements have helped our clients’ missions of designing and implementing new operating models, realizing efficiency improvements, developing leadership behavior, increasing supply chain effectiveness, optimizing inventories, reducing costs and achieving operating income growth.

Aerospace manufacturer achieves dramatic operating income growth in the face of a severely competitive market situation

Strategic Intent To drive up operating income from an uncompetitive 3% to 20%, the average of its internal sister subsidiaries Situation $105 million division o...

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Aerospace supplier gets major government contract back on track

45% Increase in Earned Value Creation Lowered Costs by Tens of Millions Strategic Intent To effectively deliver customer contract requirements on time, and deve...

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Aerospace supplier shores up failing facility and more than doubles operating income in year one of three-year plan

Strategic Intent To create an organization with consistent and reliable processes, management behaviors and decision-making that accelerates operating income to...

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