Like others in the healthcare industry, our clients contend with pressures to reduce costs, improve quality and incorporate government-mandated regulations. In partnership with healthcare clients, Brooks International is creating changes that enable providers to accelerate cost and quality improvements – while taking a proactive approach to assimilating new regulations and technology demands. Our experience with healthcare organizations ranges from hospitals, laboratories and provider practices to support organizations, including insurance, billing and financial support companies.

Our expertise builds on vast experiences in pre- and post-merger work, where strategic and cultural alignment is paramount. This experience is especially crucial now, with consolidations and mergers growing in popularity within the healthcare industry. Our clients can comfortably trust Brooks International to deliver tangible bottom-line value in customer/patient satisfaction, cost reduction and productivity/process improvements, while maintaining and improving quality. At the corporate level, our initiatives have achieved ROI as high as 300 percent from accelerated and sustainable accomplishments.

Hospital reduces costs, improves patient care and staff productivity

15% reduction in payroll costs Department productivity improves 30%. Strategy Implement a goal-driven management process that fuels continuous performance impro...

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Health insurance provider cuts costs to win contract renewal

Cost improvements result in $1.7 million in annualized benefits. Enrollment personnel productivity increases 40%. Strategic Intent The short-term goal is to imp...

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