We’ve all seen organizations that resist change, and the results are consistently poor. Some organizations resist change because they’ve been successful and embrace complacency. Others are risk averse and concerned about where change may lead. One thing is certain, change is inevitable and organizations that willingly transform own a competitive advantage over those that do not.

Our clients hire us because we are change agents. Successful organizations embrace transformation as a part of their culture, with focus on the common goal of arriving at a desired future state as soon as possible. Brooks International guides clients through times of transition, applying a proven systematic process – one that begins with a comprehensive, objective and validated understanding about organizational stability and individual “zones of stability.”

Through an analysis of gaps between the current state and the future state, we collaborate with clients to design and implement a plan that aligns expectations and communications’ strategies, enlisting the use of performance metrics, financial forecasts, operating reports and leadership commitments.

Change management execution employs the Expectations-Capabilities-Motivators (E-C-M) model to address benefits management and the realization of definable, measurable stakeholder aims. The model helps guide performance outcomes and mission objectives – and creates mechanisms for monitoring assumptions, risks, dependencies, costs, returns-on-investment, EBITDA and associated cultural issues.

Effective change management is a process driven by the most senior levels of an organization. The process involves reinforcing positive changes in behavior through sustained interventions (management and leadership development training programs) and countering resistance by holding people accountable for poor performance and lack of alignment.

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