The greatest risk in strategy execution is the lack of a clear, coordinated and integrated tactical plan. It’s inconceivable that a competent executive would ever allow a new facility to be built without blueprints that provide builders and contractors with the requirements, sequence of construction and inspection points ensuring safety and quality. Yet, many organizations formulate excellent strategies without the tactical plan development that outlines the sequence of events, roles and responsibilities, monitoring protocols and adjustment planning.

We regularly develop, implement and execute tactical plans for clients of various sizes, operating in a diverse set of industries and global regions. Our depth of experience and insights about the critical elements needed for execution and performance excellence is what allows our clients to successfully mitigate risks and accelerate outcomes.

Brooks International’s role is to ensure our clients’ leadership teams are aligned to the strategic mission and cognitive of the specific drivers, functions and changes that will take the mission and make it actionable and sustainable. The definition of success is established at the beginning of every engagement, and in partnership with our client, we work backward to define all key requirements for its delivery. Alternative approaches and scenarios are developed, assessed and reviewed with client leadership. Relevant factors include risks and mitigation options, key drivers, values, costs and ROI business cases. The client leadership team reviews alternate scenarios and probabilities, selecting the optimal or hybrid alternative for execution. With options agreed upon, Brooks International partners with key client stakeholders and experts to design and structure a detailed, tactical plan for execution and implementation – including timelines, reporting and follow-up, along with adjustment controls and protocols, and a line of sight to the required financial objectives.

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