Fill rate performance relates to the proportion of orders that can be met immediately by available inventory. Increased customer satisfaction associated with a high fill rate must be weighed against the expense of maintaining higher levels of inventory. This is a balancing act that needs to be understood – and a strong system for managing fill rate provides operation plans that align with inventory requirements and ensure forecasted demands are met.

Brooks International is highly successful in enabling clients to understand how to determine the link between inventory requirements and demand forecasts. In most cases, businesses have installed processes and inventory thresholds that allow them to react to customer requests. This creates a reactive culture and doesn’t allow for predictive and stable performance, and ultimately leads to higher operating costs.

We tackle these issues through the design and implementation of a robust sales and operations planning system that allows for smart business decisions – to weigh customer satisfaction against the cost of doing business. This system Brooks International will implement is one that takes the guesswork out of decision-making, producing stronger data for planning, and determining the cost impact of making changes to the operations plan.

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