Without exception, high-performing organizations are steered, inspired and held accountable by proficient and confident leaders. Such leaders realize that the surest way to create meaningful, sustainable improvements is to recruit and develop leadership and talent at every level, including the C-suite. After all, the most efficient way to transform an organization and build a culture of excellence is to begin at the top.

The Executive Development process begins with the assembly of a hand-selected team possessing extraordinary experience and insight applicable to your industry, company culture, structure, goals and positioning.

Brooks International will introduce proven methods that enable your executives to build stronger strategies, tactics and behavioral skills – individually and within teams. We deliver rapid, measurable, sustainable improvements in senior management and executive level team performance and behavior.

Executive Development is a standard component included in most of our client engagements. Specific executive team needs are routinely identified during the Assessment stage. Following the Assessment module, some or all of the following strategies are applied to address Executive Developmental needs within the Implementation stage:

  • Team goal consensus building
  • Goal translation training
  • Change leadership
  • Transformation management
  • Managing behavioral and culture change
  • Team member disposition mapping
  • Executive balanced scorecard design
  • Performance management training
  • Dispute resolution training
  • Group problem-solving development
  • Individual team member coaching

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