Organization and systems are responsible for putting in place structure and rules between various entities. Every organization relies on systems to manage business requirements and physical logistics. Organizations and systems typically evolve over time, but natural evolution is unlikely to produce the most effective and efficient systems available.

When two or more organizations and systems combine – through merger, acquisition or consolidation – a well-designed, integrated approach helps to create optimal systems, structures and organization. Without a holistic approach, full potential for improvements and performance delivery are diluted or lost.

The Brooks International approach and philosophy is structured to create dependable processes and systems that drive improved outcomes. Development of a thriving organization requires installation of a sustainable feedback process that fosters a cycle of data collection and self-correction, well before long-term damage is done.

Brooks International leads clients through the development and enhancement of organization, systems and structures that empower them to leverage the opportunities that arise from constantly changing events and environments.

Pipe-producing client implements Lean Manufacturing and enhances EBITA

Casting cycle times improve 20% Core room productivity increases 25% Strategic Intent Continue the quest for operating margin optimization and low-cost-producer...

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Aerospace manufacturer achieves dramatic operating income growth in the face of a severely competitive market situation

Strategic Intent To drive up operating income from an uncompetitive 3% to 20%, the average of its internal sister subsidiaries Situation $105 million division o...

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Computer manufacturer reduces factory cost, while improving customer and employee satisfaction

Factory conversion costs reduced by 40% 50% increase in total factory output Strategic Intent Significantly reduce factory conversion costs to grow volume and i...

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Biochemical producer enhances supply chain, improves customer satisfaction and reduces distribution costs

Consolidation of 25 distribution centers into 10 38% reduction in distribution costs Strategic Intent Correct near-crisis level customer satisfaction issues and...

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Lime producer exceeds EBITDA goals by quickly integrating new acquisition into corporate culture

10 to 20% improvement in yield of all facilities EBITDA grows by 58% and exceeds target. Strategic Intent Realize planned ROI and EBITDA improvement of a recent...

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Operations and call center improves customer service while dramatically reducing costs

Strategic Intent To control costs while maintaining excellent service and transforming the organization into a viable service provider to third-party customers ...

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Hospital reduces costs, improves patient care and staff productivity

15% reduction in payroll costs Department productivity improves 30%. Strategy Implement a goal-driven management process that fuels continuous performance impro...

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Packaging materials distributor improves productivity and controls costs, returning to profitability

Implementing turn rate standards help reduce inventory by 30%. 26% improvement in overall productivity Strategic Intent Redesign the business model to stabilize...

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Insurer launches new call center, improves customer service and lowers costs

Speed of answer improves 48% and call abandonment decreases 57%. Average handle time is reduced 27%. Strategic Intent Improve service to customers and healthcar...

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Retail grocery chain reduces distribution costs with improved asset utilization measurement and control

Distribution centers reduce operating costs by 10%. Project yields 400% annualized ROI. Strategic Intent Develop and rapidly implement new operating model addre...

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