Every organization bears responsibility for enacting risk-management practices that produce a safe working environment. Such efforts are not only the right thing to do, they produce benefits that contribute to profitability.

Brooks International works with clients to ensure that their safety effectiveness is customized for the needs of their operations. To achieve this, we see to it that systems and process design and implementation speak to every need identified during the risk analysis (Assessment) phase of the engagement.

Through our deep experience in the implementation of behavior-based systems, we have consistently delivered positive bottom-line results – and nowhere is this more critical to the health of an organization. Safety effectiveness programs drive accountability and awareness throughout the operational culture, resulting in a safer workplace and reduced insurance costs.

The approach includes an extensive review of current programs and past performance. Once deficiencies are identified, a new system for management is developed, installed and implemented within the operation. The resulting program includes:

  • Full OSHA compliance
  • Documented training
  • Accountability integrated into the HR system for individual performance
  • Structured management processes that implement corrective actions identified through root-cause analysis

Clients often realize extended periods without lost-time injuries, an increase in hours worked without lost-time injuries, reduced insurance costs, lower experience modification ratings, and finally, stronger financial statements.

Selected results of our clients’ safety improvements include:

  • Reduction in claims reserves – releasing $5.5 million to the bottom line of a self-insured utility contractor
  • 500+ days without a recordable incident for a heavy equipment manufacturer
  • Building services contractor reduces EMR from 1.57 to .52
  • Claims management review of retrospectively rated policy results in a $1.2 million refund

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