The adoption of new technologies is a must for every organization seeking to arrive at a desired future state ahead of schedule. With the implementation of enhanced technology, associated business systems are needed to maximize positive impact. To forego implementation of operating models that account for the human component is a misstep few organizations can afford to make.

Brooks International works with organizations to ensure that the application of new business systems are met with the human capacity for successful outcomes. At the core of our solutions is the E-C-M (Expectations – Capabilities – Motivators) model.

New models require integrated change. To seize opportunities for acquiring sustainable competitive advantages, organizations and the executives who run them must be willing to implement new and improved operating models. Successful implementation of business systems can be done with certainty by applying models that foster the creation of aligned expectations, competitive capabilities, performance-based rewards and a culture of continuous improvement. Our proven methodology integrates changes in core processes, management systems and technology with sustainable changes in organizational behavior.

During the Stage I Opportunity Assessment of our client engagements, a comprehensive analysis of the organization’s management system provides insights about how the current operating model supports the new business system. The insights garnered in this initial stage enable us to identify valuable opportunities for improvement.

During the Stage II Implementation phase, identified E-C-M elements are implemented. Successful implementation requires all levels of the organization to fully understand common goals and objectives. Participants need to comprehend the expectations of their given roles and possess the capabilities to deliver on that which is expected. Finally, the motivator system must be designed to provide the right incentives for individuals to proceed toward the goal. With these elements forming a solid foundation, we’re prepared to deploy a continuous improvement process, ensuring that the organization owns the capacity to move forward continually and sustainably.

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