Owning a well-designed purpose, vision, values and mission statement and “embodying them” are two different things. Organizational alignment requires each participant to share in understanding the relationship between individual roles, goals and motivators – and those belonging to the organization as a whole.

It’s about teamwork. When organizational alignment is in place, the characteristics and traits of each person combine individual attitudes and beliefs and work in symphony toward a common mission outcome. Organizations that get buy-in from staff and departments are able to produce a pulsing organization that is client-centered, mission-focused and empathetic to stakeholders. This alignment is essential for producing predictable, sustainable, desirable outcomes as a manifestation of agreed-upon truths and values – delivered by competent, well-trained, highly motivated people.

Organizational alignment is the delivery of a group positioned to achieve mission success, through strategies, systems and structures designed and implemented to maximize and optimize the utilization of human, material and capital resources. Organizational alignment fosters a causal relationship between “expectations” and “capabilities” to drive and trigger “motivators” for achieving predictable, desirable outcomes.

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