Every organization has a strategy, either formally developed and documented or a vision of the strategic direction shared by senior leadership. So why do so many organizations fail in the execution of their strategic vision and imperatives? Our belief is that failures are tied to poor leadership, communication and alignment across the organization. Additionally, failure is often associated with the lack of a detailed tactical implementation plan and a process for crafting and executing strategy that integrates strategic requirements into routine operating environments. Left unchecked, the pressures of day-to-day business are bound to deplete focus from the strategic implementation of elements critical for performance optimization and competitive viability.

Throughout our history, Brooks International has led the successful execution of our clients’ strategic imperatives in large- and mid-sized organizations in virtually every business sector around the world. Our experience provides the insight and leadership clients require to accelerate and sustain performance and financial improvements in line with their strategic vision.

Our approach aligns and links goals, roles, responsibilities, performance management systems, operating models, processes, management systems, scorecards and managerial behaviors with strategic priorities. Brooks International works with senior leadership to ensure clear understanding and communication of the strategic imperatives, often called the “mission,” – translating them into measurable goals and objectives for every level of the organization.

As specific goals cascade from top to bottom, they are integrated into a performance management system, to ensure motivators and behaviors are properly aligned to the “mission.” This process of alignment drives the formulation of the tactical plans required for full execution and implementation of the “mission.” Our experts work alongside client staff to fully implement a tactical BluePrint, including new operating models, roles and responsibilities, day-to-day managerial processes and best practices. Coaching is included to ensure implementation and oversight – as the management team develops the habits and behaviors required for sustaining continually improving strategic execution.

The results are multifaceted, including significant increases in profitability, customer service, customer satisfaction, quality and employee satisfaction. Beneficial outcomes are best illustrated by examples such as the following:

  • A leading financial services firm realizes a 70% reduction in time to market for new business products, allowing a significant increased capture of market share.
  • A major aerospace company gains a threefold increase in operating income, a 50% decrease in quality defects, improved on-time delivery and increased customer satisfaction.

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