The oil and gas industry will continue to deal with price volatility, which is not just driven by supply and demand, but how the investment community views the future and the international political landscape.

Labor shortages also will continue to plague the sector, as the demographics have changed after 30 years of price swings and labor flexing. The next generation is not transitioning; there has been a loss of institutional knowledge, and younger engineers and workers are looking to other industries.

Brooks International’s experience in the industry spans dozens of companies and touches upon the value chain in exploration, extraction, refining and processing, transportation and sales/marketing.

In the context of industry pacing issues, we engage with companies to address a variety of their business needs, including the following:

  • Developing executive vision to define strategic imperatives
  • Implementing productivity and cost improvements to increase throughput and a lower unit cost
  • Installing management systems to retain best practices and drive performance consistency
  • Deploying maintenance systems to enable highly reliable operations
  • Restructuring organizations to align to market needs
  • Training skills to maximize contribution

Brooks International’s client footprint includes leading oil and gas companies, support contractors and suppliers.

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