The professional, scientific and technical services industry has undergone significant transformation in recent history. Customers are reexamining methods of obtaining their solutions through in-sourcing, outsourcing or off-shoring. Retention of an organization’s top performers is critical, as skilled knowledge workers continue to be at a premium. New competition from low-cost, offshore players continues to increase as companies gain expertise in digital information and communication. Established competitors are rethinking their existing footprint and operating models to determine the best ways to maintain customer intimacy and client delivery, while driving operating results. All of these changes leave managers little time to address the changing market adequately and implement approaches that can keep their companies on a successful path.

Organizations have responded with a variety of growth and defensive strategies. Some have moved aggressively toward protecting their revenue streams and retaining top clients by enhancing their customer relationships and over-delivering on their commitments, entering complementary fields with new services and investing in new market penetration. Other companies have focused on their cost structure by shedding human capital, combining with competitors, embracing partnerships and building offshore capabilities.

This upheaval has been dramatic, and the results of these efforts have been mixed. Successful companies are managing the transition by aligning their organizations with customer requirements, while also seeking new markets for existing services and developing a workforce with the required skills and competencies to compete.

Our Experience in the Services Industry

Our deep experience extends across the services sector. We perform a broad spectrum of work, including strategy development (at both the corporate and business unit level), performance improvement, merger integration and sourcing. Brooks International’s global experience and our approach to overcoming common challenges, combined with driven client management teams, create unique tailored solutions that provide significant value for our clients.

Brooks International is committed to providing measurable results to all of our clients. Some examples of our benefits are: improving sales by revamping the methods of targeted customers; reducing manufacturing costs by realigning the engineering design function; improving on-time delivery by implementing management systems that highlight key activities and hold staff responsible for meeting commitments; and increasing revenue by reconciling customer commitments with the cost to serve. With global experience and impressive engagement teams, we produce outcomes that are significant and transformational for our clients.

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