Speed of answer improves 48% and call abandonment decreases 57%.
Average handle time is reduced 27%.

Strategic Intent

Improve service to customers and healthcare providers by consolidating and restructuring four call centers into one state-of-the-art customer care operation


  • Major U.S. health insurance provider
  • Operates four customer service organizations
  • Chief Marketing Officer sees need for enhanced customer service, increased quality and reduced operating costs
  • New building to support CMO’s goals is nine months from completion
  • Forecasted customer and revenue growth along with product expansion creates sense of urgency

Issues and Barriers

  • Four service groups have wide variability in performance metrics and are failing to achieve goals
  • Monthly performance results take two weeks to compile, making timely corrective action difficult
  • Existing technologies not leveraged
  • Poor forecasting prevents accurate resource planning
  • Productivity averages 50-60%

Key Implementations

  • Creation of singular customer service organization to achieve consistency and collaboration
  • Segmentation of customers based on service requirements
  • Redesign processes to eliminate duplicity and improve customer service
  • Redefine and streamline organization structure – align with customer segmentation model


Customer Service Improvements


Engagement is completed on time and under budget. Opening a new call center positions the company to become an industry leader in service. Results include:

  • Average speed of answer improves 48%
  • Average handle time reduced by 27%
  • Call abandon rate decreases 57%
  • Claims turnaround time lowered by 35%
  • Unit cost reduced by 25%

Client Perspective

“We have had all of the big name consulting companies in here over the years and Brooks has been the only one that actually caused real positive change to happen.”

— Chief Marketing Officer

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