Shared services is an operational philosophy centralizing administrative functions formerly performed in separate divisions or locations. Services that can be shared among the various business units of a company include finance, purchasing, customer service, inventory, payroll, hiring and information technology. Companies that implement shared services consolidation can produce significant cost reductions by standardizing practices and procedures, and creating economies of scale.

Brooks International is proficient at helping businesses develop the organizational structures that allow for capitalization of centralizing departments. Companies that have seen high levels of growth through acquisitions or have multiple locations within the same organizational structure, benefit most from this service. Issues that often challenge organizations with multiple locations – and those that have acquired multiple businesses – are a lack of standardized processes, procedures and systems to manage the business.

We design standardized processes, procedures and systems based on best practices most relevant to a given client’s company or industry. Once processes are designed, we work closely with the management team to implement changes that promote the organization’s ability to define who they are, and how they choose to conduct business. This not only reduces costs through shared services, but improves quality and customer satisfaction through the standardized handling of customer touch points.

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