15% reduction in payroll costs
Department productivity improves 30%.


Implement a goal-driven management process that fuels continuous performance improvements, while satisfying patient and physician requirements at the lowest possible cost


  • 200-bed acute-care hospital
  • Part of a large healthcare corporation
  • Earlier attempt to implement continuous improvement process was unsuccessful.
  • COO familiar with Brooks International’s accomplishments in sister hospital and is committed to putting change in place.

Issues and Barriers

  • No measurable goals for patient satisfaction or service
  • Deeply flawed productivity measurement system
  • Significantly underutilized information technology
  • Equipment and personnel capacities consistently out of balance with patient workloads

Key Implementations

  • Reengineer and streamline primary core processes
  • Redesign management structure to improve spans of control and reduce cost to manage
  • Develop associate training program to allow cross-departmental movement to meet workload demands
  • Design and install goal-driven management process
  • Eliminate nonproductive management titles and positions


300% Return on Investment


At the conclusion of the six-month initiative, the client hospital had significant and measurable improvements in patient care and physician service, while realizing these financial benefits:

  • 15% reduction in payroll costs
  • Department productivity improved 30%
  • Total project payback exceeded goal by 25%
  • More than 300% ROI on project

Client Perspective

In summary, I am pleased with both the results of this engagement and the Brooks organization. Accordingly, I recommend Brooks to anyone interested in accelerating the payoffs from change – in terms of customer satisfaction and profitability.
— Chief Operating Officer

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