Strategic Intent

To drive up operating income from an uncompetitive 3% to 20%, the average of its internal sister subsidiaries


  • $105 million division of $3 billion aerospace/defense manufacturer
  • Relatively high sector competition for RFPs lead to lower-than-normal margins
  • CEO does not want to accept low-margin programs just for the sake of volume and improved capacity utilization.
  • This is Brooks International’s fourth assignment for him

Issues and Barriers

  • Accurate/required information unavailable in a timely manner
  • Standardized/structured metrics not evolving to meet needs
  • Best practice-based System for Managing is non-existent
  • Other contributors to under-performance include: poor inventory turns and the cost of poor quality and capacity utilization

Key Implementations

  • Developed and translated SMART goals throughout the organization
  • Organizational alignment included development of specific roles/responsibilities for various positions and creation of expert models/best practices
  • Designed/aligned systems of production demand/design/planning
  • Developed and implemented management/supervisory effectiveness program in conjunction with a new, enhanced System for Managing
  • New continuous improvement culture ensures that bottom-line gains will not only be sustained but further improved


dramatic operating income growthAs a direct result of this initiative, the CEO client exceeded his operating profit growth objective primarily through better management systems and process controls, which led to more than $20 million in bottom-line improvements. Beyond this, fresh revenue opportunities are now available through improved bid margins, further meeting another of the CEO’s objectives. Primary contributors to the improved operating income included:

  • Production capacities increased by $5.2 million
  • Overtime was reduced by $3.9 million
  • Machine downtime was reduced by $4.3 million
  • Cost of poor quality was reduced by $4.3 million

Client Perspective

20 (% OI) is a different area code than we’ve been in before. That’s just good stuff.
— President & CEO

Twenty percent is doable, but there is no way the old management team would have done it.
— Regional Vice President

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