10 to 20% improvement in yield of all facilities
EBITDA grows by 58% and exceeds target.

Strategic Intent

Realize planned ROI and EBITDA improvement of a recent large acquisition by accelerating and optimizing the integration of their two operations and cultures


  • Largest producer of lime and limestone products in North America
  • $1.76 billion in revenues from 100 facilities worldwide
  • Supplies products to the manufacturing, construction, oil & gas and power generation industries
  • Some markets are slow, but others are strong and projected to grow
  • Recently acquires industrial minerals and aggregates company for synergy, additional reserves and market-share optimization
  • Needs to rapidly integrate acquisition to achieve overall goal of increasing EBITDA

Issues and Barriers

  • Lack of resources to handle all challenges of post-merger integration in short time frame
  • Acquired organization is “top heavy” and requires restructuring
  • Corporate goals and priorities require alignment at all levels
  • Inadequate processes and systems in acquired organization inhibit performing to our client’s expectations

Key Implementations

  • Implement client’s operating model at 13 of the newly acquired facilities – and assess remaining sites to determine next steps
  • Define and communicate roles and responsibilities
  • Align goals of newly acquired facilities to corporate objectives and link to performance
  • Enhance management tools and improve operational efficiencies through one-on-one supervisory coaching


EBITDA Grows by 58% Exceeding Target

A combination of operational improvements and increased productivity results in headcount reductions and reduced overtime. The client exceeds overall EBITDA target of 17%.

  • 5% increase in kiln output
  • Improved yield in all facilities by 10 to 20%
  • Reduced headcount by 10%
  • Reduced overtime in all locations

Client Perspective

With the significant results achieved on this project as well as on previous collaborations with Brooks, I am pleased to recommend their services to any organization seeking performance improvement in a post-merger environment.
— Vice President, Operations

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