Productivity improves 12.8%; exceeds client’s goal by 28%.
High level of service is maintained with 13% reduction in labor hours.

Strategic Intent

Maintain a 100% customer retention rate during phase of dramatic growth by providing high quality customer service, at lowest possible cost


  • Commercial laundry and linen service company with 38 facilities in North America
  • Processes over 455 million pounds annually for clients in healthcare, hospitality and other industries
  • Expanding rapidly through acquisition
  • Stretching their talent pool beyond its capability, leading to concerns that performance will suffer
  • Facing increased competition from smaller local operators and cooperatives

Issues and Barriers

  • Unacceptable levels of productivity throughout
  • Poor alignment of common goals
  • Cultural differences between management and employees
  • Lack of skilled process improvement drivers throughout organization
  • Varied compliance to existing policies and procedures across operations and locations

Key Implementations

  • Align and communicate goals to all levels of organization
  • Improve productivity by reengineering core processes in key operating areas
  • Develop front-line scheduling and production control elements
  • Increase proactive barrier resolution versus reactive problem solving among supervisors and managers
  • Improve management of labor resources to meet scheduled demands
  • Develop and install best practices


Productivity Increases Exceed Client’s Goal by 28%


Installing a process to streamline integration of newly acquired laundries, Brooks International helps the company achieve these benefits:

  • Labor hours reduced by 13%
  • Productivity improves 12.8%; exceeds client’s goal by 28%

The company is now prepared to handle continuing expansion, while providing their trademark quality service.

Client Perspective

I was looking for uniformity between our sites. Brooks has allowed us to get all sites (old and newly acquired) to operate with a set of common management tools.
—Senior Vice President, Operations

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