Cost improvements result in $1.7 million in annualized benefits.
Enrollment personnel productivity increases 40%.

Strategic Intent

The short-term goal is to improve cost competitiveness and retain a major government contract by proactively improving productivity of enrollment administration.


  • Subsidiary of largest U.S. health benefits company
  • Healthcare services provider to active and retired military personnel
  • Operates 70 service centers nationwide, with 1,400 FTEs
  • 12-year-old contract up for renewal
  • Favorable historical performance metrics for service
  • Reduced application turnaround time, from three days to one day, results in significant overtime and overstaffing
  • Aggressive competition threatens to win business with lower bid

Issues and Barriers

  • Lack of clear performance standards makes it difficult to set and enforce employee productivity expectations
  • Limited workforce flexibility and cross-functional skills
  • Excessive management time spent “fire-fighting” rather than actively supervising
  • Supervisory focus is on “zero defects” rather than proactive initiatives
  • Poor linkage between goals and expectations; rewards and recognition

Key Implementations

  • Establish clearly defined performance targets and corresponding metrics
  • Increase proactive supervisory involvement in day-to-day operations through one-on-one coaching
  • Install associate training program to promote cross-departmental movement to meet workload demands
  • Develop and deploy fully integrated management system
  • Implement systematic, sustainable improvement process


Significant Productivity Improvements in Both Areas


Productivity and labor cost improvements resulted in $1.7 million in annualized benefits for client. Organization submitted a competitive, low-cost bid that didn’t jeopardize margin. Client attained increased confidence about ability to win renewal of valuable government contract. Results include:

  • Productivity of enrollment personnel increased by 40%
  • Enrollment labor costs reduced by 25%
  • Productivity of referral personnel increased by 82%
  • Referral labor costs reduced by 13.2%
  • New department staffed without new hires

Client Perspective

The tools we now have allow us to measure each associate’s production and the lost-time issues that impact them on a daily basis. They allow us to see the big picture and to see how each associate’s performance impacts the group as a whole.

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