Visionary CEO realizes double-digit rate of revenue growth.
25% reduction in port costs and 16% decrease in worldwide headcount

Strategic Intent

Restructure a historically hierarchical organization in support of a significant change from traditional shipping company to global provider of logistical solutions


  • Global leader in roll-on/roll-off transport of vehicles
  • Multiple port locations in Europe, United States and Asia
  • CEO has vision to improve competitiveness in rapidly changing business environment
  • Strategic change requires reorganization from functional/regional mindset to global process orientation
  • Internal efforts fail at restructuring and change processes
  • CEO sees major cost-reduction opportunity

Issues and Barriers

  • Executive team resistant to change (“Why now?”) following recent growth production of record profits
  • Silo management culture reflected in lack of teamwork and cross-functional processes
  • Excessive port costs
  • Ship-scheduling systems inadequate for new strategy
  • New Asian competition dictates accelerated change
  • Recent strategic acquisitions not yet merged into base business or corporate culture

Key Implementations

  • Conduct CEO-sponsored executive team building to lead the way
  • New global process organization structure
  • New process controls and port operating policies & procedures complementing new business strategy
  • Translation of fresh CEO goals, expectations and priorities to entire global organization
  • Attain ship captains’ buy-in to new processes
  • Major overhaul of information systems


Primary Financial Benefits


This 52-week initiative continued the company’s success, now coupled with a new global-solutions strategy. The company attracted a shareholder-desired merger partner to form the world’s largest roll-on/roll-off transportation company. Visionary CEO became chairman of the newly formed enterprise; asks Brooks International to assist with selective aspects of post-merger integration process.

Results contribute to:

  • Port costs reduced by 25%
  • Worldwide headcount decreased by 16%
  • Revenues increased at double-digit rate in spite of increased competition
  • Project financial benefits goal exceeded by 25%

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