Overall productivity increases 35%.
$22 million increase in operating profit puts company back in black.

Strategic Intent

Develop and launch an effective business model that will be profitable, sustainable and create shareholder value


  • Well-established U.S.-based title insurance company
  • Over $400 million in annual revenues
  • Being spun-off from parent company
  • Real estate slump results in two years of losses
  • COO sees importance of change to assure profitability

Issues and Barriers

  • Business processes are antiquated and inefficient
  • Ineffective goal-setting process leads to low targets – and objectives that are not measured
  • Inadequate capacity planning and scheduling
  • Excessive cost-to-manage with five-to-one spans of control
  • Performance expectations and behaviors are misaligned – and executive team lacks consensus on a strategy for change and improvement

Key Implementations

  • Redesign core processes to eliminate non value-added activities, reduce cycle time and increase cost effectiveness
  • Define customer values, performance goals and priorities
  • Develop clear metrics and management systems in all offices
  • Reduce cost-to-manage by restructuring the organization, eliminating management layers



  • Overall productivity increases by 35%
  • Transaction volume increases 31%
  • Operating profit increases by $22 million, resulting in quick return to solid profitability
  • Company stock price increases by 60% one year following commencement of initiative

Client Perspective

The goal translation allowed people in the field to buy into making our company successful again. This was a complete turnaround in how we manage the company. The things Brooks taught us are going to be sustained. This is no longer a special project … it’s now the way we manage.
—President & COO

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