Increased power availability adds $26.2 million in revenues.
73% reduction in forced outage hours

Strategic Intent

Fully implement the corporate operating model to become a “Premier Operator” and capture higher-margin earnings through increased availability of power


  • Major North American energy company
  • U.S. generating capacity of 35,000 megawatts, serving 4.5 million customers
  • Strong performer in top industry quartiles
  • Recent power generating acquisition not yet integrated into corporate culture and practice of operating model
  • Three large power generating plants are focus of management’s initiative, which is phase one of a three-year plan for post-merger integration

Key Issues and Barriers

  • Corporate business model not fully implemented or practiced in a consistent or disciplined manner
  • Staff awareness of business objectives around revenue and margin is unfocused
  • Middle managers lack capability and knowledge to move organization to higher performance level
  • Internal resource constraints inhibit a robust change process

Key Implementations

  • Enhance real-time visibility of commercial power availability
  • Ensure that the management infrastructure process functions properly
  • Full implementation of client’s operating model, focusing on behavioral changes and processes that foster consistent and disciplined practices
  • Integration of internal corporate initiatives connected to operating model and operational effectiveness


Forced Outage Hours Drop 73% Below Baseline


Prior successful engagements with this client had earned Brooks International’s reputation of “the resource of choice,” as conveyed to the newly acquired subsidiary. This engagement further strengthened the relationship. Results included:

  • Total forced outage hours reduced by 73%
  • Available power increase equated to $26.2 million in additional high-margin revenue
  • Project financial goals exceeded by 125%

Client Perspective

The Premier Operator Program has driven real change and demonstrable results, not just financially, but in behavior as well.
—Senior Vice President

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