Improves satisfaction of guests and staff
Increase profits and reduce costs

Strategic Intent

Improve guest satisfaction and the employee culture; Enhance cost structure and positively impact shareholder value


  • Leading international hospitality company
  • Renowned for superior guest satisfaction and value
  • Committed to positive associate culture and shareholder returns
  • Cost structure provides a barrier to reducing expenses
  • Brand president sees opportunity and challenge and approves a three-hotel pilot assessment

Key Issues and Barriers

  • Lack of clear performance standards makes it difficult to set and enforce employee productivity expectations
  • Limited workforce flexibility and cross-functional skills
  • Excessive management time spent “fire-fighting”
  • No clear link between goals and expectations, rewards and recognition

Brooks International analysis determines:

  • Nearly 20% of tasks as non-value-added
  • 30% of manager capacity is non-productive, resulting in high cost-to-manage
  • Front-line associates lack clear goals
  • Property managers lack key tools related to forecasting, scheduling and measurement
  • Overall resource utilization is in the 50-70% range

Key Implementations

    • Revise job descriptions and activity expectations at all levels
    • Translate new goals and expectations to entire organization
    • Redesign methods, processes and management structures
    • Develop a structured, team-based continuous improvement process
    • Design a reward and recognition program based on achievement of productivity and guest satisfaction goals

Primary Results

Following the successful design and implementation of results-based change across three properties in the southeast region, new incentives are rolled out to over 300 remaining hotels in this brand group. Brooks International partners with client to create a joint team of Brooks professionals and 20 high-performing managers to accelerate national implementation, which achieves the following:

      • 15-20% increase in associate productivity
      • Significant increase in associate satisfaction scores
      • More consistent measurable levels of guest satisfaction
      • National rollout completed in one year
      • Total bottom-line impact approaches $30 million
      • Year-one client return on investment exceeds 600%, a 50% improvement over project goals

Client Quote

Our best and brightest managers are now trained facilitators. They will form the core of our future management team. The knowledge, experience and understanding they have gained will help us all. I have enjoyed watching them grow and develop. I rate this as one of our biggest returns from our work with Brooks.
—Brand President

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