19% of employees redeployed, excess contractors eliminated
$42 million in new profit contributions

Strategic Intent

Move significant amounts of outside contractor work in-house to achieve significant and sustainable increases in company-wide productivity


  • Fourth largest U.S. gas and electric energy provider
  • Lingering effects of deregulation and failed nuclear project lead to severe budget/spending reductions
  • Budget cuts affect system maintenance and upgrades
  • Customer service, customer satisfaction, employee morale and company image are deteriorating
  • CEO is concerned about Public Service Commission (PSC) pressures

Issues and Barriers

  • Lack of executive consensus and employee accountability
  • High supervisory spans-of-control and cost-to-manage
  • Poor teamwork and cross-departmental cooperation
  • Internal systems fail to manage resource utilization
  • Core processes include excessive non-value-added content
  • Poorly focused employee goals and rewards contribute to the detriment of customer service

Key Implementations

  • Executive alignment and organization-wide goal translation
  • Redefinition of roles and responsibilities
  • Comprehensive redesign of core processes
  • Develop and install new management and metric systems
  • Realignment of employee reward and recognition systems


New Profit Contributions Reach $42 Million


As a direct result of this year-long initiative, which achieved 127% of its targeted financial goals, the CEO realized $42 million in new profit contributions, while “getting the PSC off his back!”

  • Redeployed 19% of all employees to eliminate excess contractors, while upgrading infrastructure
  • Power interruption time reduced by 21%
  • Supervisory spans-of-control increased by 36%
  • 33% of all management levels eliminated
  • Overall cost-to-manage reduced by $5.2 million
  • Customer complaints reduced by one-third

Client Perspective

As a result of our work with Brooks, we are better serving our customers at a much lower cost than we were a year ago and I am confident our service will be even better and our costs still lower a year from now.
— President & CEO

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