March 2, 2017

Our mission at Brooks International is to deliver significantly enhanced profits and predictable business performance to our CEO clients.

It has been said that the highest obligation a chief executive has is to protect and continually enhance the competitive advantage of the organization he or she oversees. This is a viewpoint that we at Brooks International share. In fact, the essence of the mission we have set for ourselves aligns directly with this proposition.

Like most strategies, the Brooks International process is based upon a major premise, which comprises the lessons learned over 57 years combined with several principles of behavioral science. We feel it is helpful for you to be aware of this core belief, as well as the supporting premises upon which it is based. Such an understanding is really a prerequisite to understanding our strategy for implementing change.

MAJOR PREMISE – Superior Human Performance is the single most powerful source of sustainable competitive advantage.

Both our strategy for change and the technologies that enable its implementation are based upon this fundamental but extremely potent concept. Consequently, the majority of Brooks International’s engagements are directed toward the optimization of human performance. All issues are examined from this perspective and all decisions and actions are driven by it.

There are three supporting premises upon which the Brooks’ theory of Superior Human Performance is based.

  • Premise No. 1 – We define Superior Human Performance as comprising three specific outcomes. These are:
  1. Creation of products or services with competitive advantage;
  2. Creation of appropriate financial returns on capital invested; and
  3. Maintenance of high levels of employee satisfaction.
  • Premise No. 2 – Superior Human Performance overpowers other strategic alternatives, such as technology, information, reorganization, etc. in the long term because, while other strategies can be obtained relatively easily by one’s competitors, a superior performing workforce cannot be “purchased.” Moreover, nearly all other strategies ultimately depend upon people to achieve their objectives.
  • Premise No. 3 – Achieving Superior Human Performance requires behavioral change, whereby new, more effective behaviors replace old ones.

With a Brooks International Implementation engagement, we design, test, complete and ultimately provide our CEO client with a new, more effective operating model that will significantly improve targeted performance. Our implementation is designed to not only produce accelerated results but also drive sustainable behavioral changes in his or her organization. Our Internalization engagement is dedicated to cementing key behavioral changes, especially those related to performance and continuous improvement.

For more information about Brooks International’s premise about Superior Human Performance or to discuss your strategic imperatives, please contact us today.

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