May 31, 2017

Despite being third on the Brooks International list of corporate core values, “all commitments achieved sustainably” is no less important than any of our other values. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say it’s the most important value we have.

Every commitment our company makes is critical – whether it’s to a client, a coworker or even to a family member or friend. At Brooks International, we take this very seriously.

For instance, when we partner with a client, we commit to achieving the CEO’s strategic imperative. We also are committed to ensuring exceptional quality in every detail. In addition, we make a specific commitment to value delivery.

Committed to Value Delivery

Brooks International delivers tangible, sustainable, measurable value, including improved earnings, customer/market satisfaction, increased market share and improved bottom-line financial returns. Our professionals are problem-solvers. We continuously drive toward the attainment of our client commitments that we achieve with our clients. Our clients are counting on us to live up to our commitments because they directly impact their bottom line, so as a company, We Will Not Fail.

As you know, value creation is the No. 1 goal of business leadership. Accordingly, it should be the No. 1 goal of change. It’s what we do. Consequently, all of our implementation engagements are designed to deliver significant increases in value – quickly and sustainably. Financial targets are agreed upon beforehand and measured from the outset. We call this “results-based” change. The implementation of change is only successful if the necessary behaviors to sustain it are in place and management has the tools to keep it going.

At Brooks, we take great care in making sure our value commitments are achieved on time and are sustainable and long-lasting. Through chronic discipline to process, including effective oversight, project reviews and reporting, and adherence to schedules and project deliverables, our project leaders ensure their teams are on track and are accountable for accomplishing our commitments and driving toward our clients’ strategic imperatives.

In the client context, the promises we make are the financial, bottom-line improvements we committed to by a particular date. We call them Implementation Dates or I-Dates. These I-Dates are committed to up-front with the client and are typically expressed as the financial benefits – either annualized rates or the return promised – on the dates we specified. We commit to these I Dates with every client engagement.

Throughout our engagements, our teams have a clear line of sight to these financial benefits and know what they must achieve and by when. Our project leaders make sure the linkage is there between the client’s financial and operating models and that the numbers line up. It’s everyone’s job on the Brooks International team to make sure we accomplish these I-Dates and do what’s required to keep our commitments to our clients.

We fully expect to meet these commitments and the Brooks International management team holds our project teams accountable. Our project leaders take full responsibility and ensure their teams get the training, resources and tools necessary to successfully execute to the requirements. As expectations are understood, the teams line up to the requirements, and not only meet our clients’ needs but continuously delight them.

Promise Keepers

In an unpredictable world, with the complexity our clients face day in and day out, promise keepers mean everything. That’s why, at the end of the day, we keep our promises.

In my next post, I’ll discuss Brooks International’s core value, “business results required.” Thank you for reading and please check back often for more insights into Brooks International.

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