June 7, 2017

As you’ve been reading in recent posts, I think our corporate core values are massively important. I’ve been going into detail about each of our core values (integrity above all, client-centric, all commitments achieved sustainably, business results required, and respected, engaged and fulfilled employees), just so you know exactly what I’m thinking and the importance of each to the success of our business. In this article, I want to discuss our fourth value, business results required.

Brooks International is considered to be elite in our industry because we not only design new operating models for our clients, we also accelerate the execution of our clients’ strategic imperatives to achieve the required financial objectives.

Our client CEOs are looking for performance as a requirement. They seek our support every step of the way. They’re looking for tangible business results tied to their bottom line. That’s why at Brooks International, business results are required with every engagement.

During our Assessment stage, the Brooks team develops a comprehensive approach and BluePrint to deliver results-based, organizational change. The BluePrint defines and designs how the implementation will be executed. Then in our Implementation stage, we proceed to execute that BluePrint to achieve significant, accelerated and sustainable operational improvements and deliver real economic value for our clients.

Measurable, Sustainable Value

Since our inception in 1960, Brooks International has specialized in helping corporate executives at industry-leading organizations in diverse industries around the world design and implement their strategic imperatives and instill a culture of continuous performance improvement. We partner with our clients and are committed to their missions of achieving their strategic imperatives and reaching their desired future state together. We deliver tangible, sustainable, measurable value, including improved earnings, customer/market satisfaction, increased market share and improved bottom-line financial returns.

We start with the answer (i.e., the executive’s strategic imperative) and certify true performance potential and specific areas that will produce improved performance; then generate a specific tactical plan of execution and deliver the required outcome.

We focus on delivering real measurable value, such as profitability, earnings, revenue and cash, with reconciliation of our benefits directly to the financial statement. Our impact will accrue within weeks and months versus months and years.

Value Delivery is Job No. 1

Our clients not only require the achievement of their strategic imperatives, they demand substantial and ongoing financial benefits (with, at the very least, no decrease in customer service and satisfaction). More than 65 percent of the Brooks International portfolio and capability is devoted to value delivery.

Value delivery is the term we use for turning the BluePrint into money for our clients. Brooks International is deeply experienced in implementing these plans to deliver value. Our methodologies are behaviorally based, which means that a primary objective is not only to create a higher performing business model, but also to create one that is behaviorally sustainable.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, value creation is the No. 1 goal of business leadership. Accordingly, it should be the No. 1 goal of change. Consequently, all Brooks International engagements are designed to deliver significant increases in value – quickly and sustainably. These targets are agreed upon beforehand and measured from the outset. We call this “results-based” change.

Implementation “investments” must make economic sense. The value delivered must exceed the investment by a wide margin. The payback must be fast. Time must be spent where most of the change must happen. That’s why we spend 80 percent of our implementation effort at the front line, where 80 percent of the people work. At Brooks, we are hands-on implementers, not executive suite facilitators.

The implementation of change is only successful if the necessary behaviors to sustain are in place and management has the tools to do so. Again, if there is a single key to effective and sustainable change, it is the front-line manager. Accordingly, these individuals are a focal point of our attention.

Our value-delivery process has been applied in most industries, competencies and functions. It has been applied in service and manufacturing, union and non-union shops, high and low tech environments, as well as in telecommunications, back office processing and call centers.

Our typical value-delivery assignments deliver financial benefits between five and 10 times the cost on an annual basis – and pay for themselves in 12 months.

Business Results Required

Since 1960, we have delivered measurable and sustainable value and outstanding business results for hundreds of clients worldwide.

For more information about our capabilities and how Brooks International can help you achieve your strategic imperative and deliver sustained value for your organization, please explore our case studies, or contact us today to set up a meeting.

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