April 17, 2017

We have been talking a lot lately about the importance of our corporate core values. These are crucial to our success, as well as the success of our clients. One of our most important values is that Brooks is client centric. We put our clients and their missions above all else.

As we’ve discussed in the past, Brooks International is unique; we are not a process company, but an execution and implementation company. We work directly with the top P&L executive at an organization and make a commitment to value delivery. Our clients are looking for performance as a requirement and seek our support.

Client executives and their organizations are incredibly complex. At Brooks International, we take the complex and simplify it by first building trust with all of our clients. The relationship building begins at the initial disclosure and expectations exchange and is strengthened during the engagement. We start by asking good questions and communicating effectively. Brooks International engagement team members are not facilitators but leaders. Our team is empowered with the freedom to lead, succeed and serve our clients. The team is on a direct client mission and always puts that mission first. Our team understands that they work for Brooks, but we, as a company, work for our clients.

Trusted Strategic Partners

With trust firmly established, we serve as our clients’ trusted partner to achieve his or her strategic imperatives. Like our client CEOs, we have a single-minded focus on the business outcome. Delivering economic value to our clients is our company’s value proposition. It’s what defines us and differentiates us from the competition.

For successful outcomes, our experience shows that client CEOs must be actively engaged throughout the entire process. This involvement communicates the importance of the engagement to the client organization. Our Leadership Team members keep in constant contact and meet frequently, often weekly and face to face, with our client CEOs to ensure alignment and reconciliation on the value we’re delivering and the steps we’re implementing. Our highly educated and skilled team members deliver outcomes that satisfy client requirements. All team members are committed to client success.

Focused on the Client Mission

There is too much at risk to ever let this commitment slide. The Brooks leadership pyramid starts with the client and mission, followed by Brooks International, the team and then the individual. As the mission and expectations are understood, our employees must rise to meet them. Our team members take ownership of their roles within the engagement. Their main focus is to continuously delight our clients. Our team is insightful, preemptive and proactive. They’re encouraged to seek counsel from our internal resources and power base and to be problem-solvers. We are one unified, mission-biased team at Brooks International.

Throughout our client engagements, Brooks International team members:

  • Push beyond boundaries,
  • Are strategic thinkers, and
  • Always remain client focused.

In my next post, I’ll talk about our next core value – how all commitments are achieved sustainably. Thank you for reading and please check back often for more insights into Brooks International. For more information or to schedule a meeting with the Brooks International team, contact us today.

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