December 21, 2017

I recently gave a presentation about Brooks International’s view on leadership to the business school honors’ students at Seton Hall University. Our view on leadership was applauded by both faculty and students.

The key theme I presented is something I speak about quite often: the symbiotic embodiment of the leader and team members’ success considerations … jointly unified in coordination with enterprise mission objectives and attainment, or what is more commonly known as mission-driven leadership.

According to Chris Groscurth, Ph.D., in a Gallup Business News article, mission-driven leadership is not only good for employees, it’s good for businesses. Having a clear mission “inspires employee engagement, fosters customer engagement, and helps boost company performance.”

An organization’s mission defines what it stands for and is the reason for the company’s existence. For example, the Brooks International mission is to deliver significantly enhanced profits and predictable business performance to our CEO clients.

Groscurth stated that “many executives don’t realize that mission is an underused asset in improving organizational performance and profitability … Failure to meet a company’s mission-related needs is failure of leadership.”

Key to Profitability

The objective for corporate leadership is to instill passion for the company’s mission in its employees. Management must focus on aligning mission, culture and brand to empower high performance among individuals and teams.

The Gallup research only reinforces what we’ve known at Brooks International for years: Leaders have much to learn about creating value by aligning the mission and purpose of their company with business strategies, culture, brand, and performance measures.

Maximize Mission-Driven Leadership

Mission-driven leadership is in perfect harmony with our Execution Excellence (Expectations-Capabilities-Motivators) Model that we employ with our clients on all engagements.

Expectations are the goals for performance that are perceived to exist within an organization. Capabilities are the skills, knowledge, processes, managing systems, information and organizational design, which enable individuals to perform the work of an organization and, thereby, achieve the organization’s performance objectives. Motivators are the full range of considerations that an organization provides to its employees in return for membership and performance.

Only when all three of these drivers are properly addressed can there be thorough and lasting behavior change leading to organizational optimization.

Our client delivery teams focus on understanding what our clients’ missions are and aligning the company to these missions and to the top executives. Brooks’ leaders must administer quantitative accountability and embody the needs of those they lead. In other words, our employees are not only serving the needs of our company, but also the client, the client’s people, the managers they report to and everyone that reports to that employee. It’s everyone’s responsibility at Brooks International to make sure he or she knows who and what it is we’re serving, and the value of what we’re delivering to our clients.

When leadership influence is applied effectively, behaviorally based transformational outcomes are made possible. To be effective in the Brooks’ corporate mission, we must believe in and chronically demonstrate leadership virtues, including intelligence, trustworthiness, humaneness, courage and discipline. The leadership competency is an absolute requirement in line to deliver success.

Clients expect us to lead and we always lead from the front. We serve our clients by focusing on their missions to create desired outcomes. Our clients demand our best every day and we will provide it.

For more information about how Brooks International can help you achieve your strategic imperative and deliver sustained economic value and predictable business performance for your organization, please explore our case studies, or contact us today to set up a meeting.

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