May 3, 2016

Times are Changing Fast! Are You Keeping Up?

Every organization has a strategy, either formally developed and documented or within the mind of senior leadership in the form of a vision of the strategic direction. So why do so many organizations fail in the execution of their strategic vision and imperatives?

Brooks International believes that failures result from poor communication and alignment across the organization, as well as the lack of a detailed tactical implementation plan and process for execution that integrates the strategic requirements into the routine operating environment. The pressures of the day-to-day business reprioritize individual focus away from the strategic implementation elements, which are critical for an organization’s continued performance optimization and ultimate competitive viability.

Business, more than any other occupation, is a continual dealing with the future; it is a continual calculation, an instinctive exercise in foresight.

— Henry R. Luce

Since 1960, Brooks International has led the successful execution of our client’s strategic imperatives in large- and mid-sized organizations in virtually every business sector around the world. Our experience provides the insight and leadership to help our clients accelerate and sustain the performance and financial improvements from true implementation of their strategic vision.

Our approach aligns and links all goals, roles, responsibilities, performance management systems, operating models and processes, systems for managing, scorecards and managerial behaviors with the client’s strategic priorities. Brooks International works with our clients’ senior leadership to ensure clear understanding and communication of the strategic imperatives, often called the “mission,” and translates them into specific measurable goals and objectives for all levels of the organization, down to the front line.

As the specific goals are cascaded from top to bottom, they are integrated into a performance management system to ensure motivators and behaviors are properly aligned to the mission. This process of alignment drives the formulation of the tactical plans required for full execution and implementation of the mission. Brooks International professionals work alongside our client’s people to fully implement the tactical road map, which we call a BluePrint, including new operating models, specific position roles and responsibilities, day-to-day managerial processes and best practices and coaching to inculcate the required habits and behaviors for sustained and perpetual improvement and strategic execution.

The results achieved are multifaceted and include significant increases in profitability, customer service and satisfaction, quality and employee satisfaction, including the following examples from two recent Brooks International client engagements:

  • For a leading financial services firm: 70 percent reduction in time to market for new business products allowing the capture of significant increases in market share;
  • For a major aerospace company: Threefold increase in operating income, while cutting quality defects in half and improving customer on-time delivery and satisfaction

You can read more about the results achieved with a Brooks International engagement through our recent case studies or contact us for more details today.

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