May 1, 2016

Brooks International believes improvements in new products and services, market share, sales, efficiency, utilization, productivity, quality, customer and employee satisfaction and strategy are of minimal or no value if they do not result in improved profitability and earnings.

For more than 55 years, Brooks International has produced bottom-line financial performance improvements, which are reconciled to higher levels of income and earnings, for our clients.

We expect all our businesses to have a positive impact on our top and bottom lines. Profitability is very important to us or we wouldn’t be in this business.

— Jeff Bezos

Our approach integrates and links long-term demand and new business planning with business acquisition and customer fulfillment to financial assets with the aid of a part-time cfo. The focus is on coordinating long-term business expectations and requirements with short-term planning and execution capabilities, which are aligned with the motivators of performance attainment.

Typical engagement results are 10-20 percent improvements in operating income and EBITDA within 12 months of commencement by impacting sales, revenue, margin, share, unit cost, working capital and cash flow.

For example, at the conclusion of a seven-month initiative for a packaging materials distributor, the following primary results had been realized, returning the client to profitability:

  • 26% improvement in overall productivity
  • 33% reduction in number of warehouses
  • 30% reduction in total inventories
  • On-time deliveries up from 92% to 98%
  • Customer service levels up from 65% up 89%

In another example, a Brooks International engagement for a title insurance company saw:

  • 35% increase in productivity
  • 31% increase in transaction volume
  • Improved operating profit by $22 million

This also resulted in a first-year return to solid profitability for the client.

In a Brooks International engagement with a large mortgage bank, we assisted the client in:

  • 19% improvement in productivity and unit labor costs
  • 7% increase in customer satisfaction levels
  • Increasing revenues from loss-mitigation activities

Their new profit contributions exceeded the project goal by 25%. As a direct result of this initiative, which paid for itself in only eight months, the client was able to easily achieve both forecasted revenue and profit objectives. Brooks was further retained for two subsequent assignments, resulting in total client profit contributions exceeding $6 million and a combined three-project return on investment of 450%.

You can read more about the results achieved with a Brooks International engagement through our recent case studies or contact us for more details today.

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